The Doctor is Revealed!

So the New Doctor is going to be played by Jodie Whittaker. I have already put my initial thoughts out there for all to see here.

Now to get into the nitty gritty stuff, and to be honest there isn’t that much to go on. 

The scene that lasts one minute and is very atmospheric. But it builds up to the reveal. Showing the Doctor’s back, legs, close ups, wide shots. All filmed in a wooded area kind of going back to that mystery, or fairytale theme Matt Smith’s first series had. 

In the run up to the reveal we have shots of electricity bringing objects to life and having 13 plastered everywhere. Then we see the Doctor’s hand and we see the key materialise in that same electrical effect. Is this a new theme? 

It took me a while, but the clothing looks something similar to that of the 12th Doctor, long coat and hooded jacket underneath. 

Overall the reveal was good, it felt natural and I’d say it’s the best reveal we’ve had. Smith was introduced in a documentary style show, Capaldi was brought out in front of a studio audience after Rufus Hound almost let slip his name. 

But this reveal is a scene. It could theoretically be included in an episode or as a mine webisode. There’s thought put into it, it feels as though something has come back. Something that has been lacking… 

I feel like the last couple of series the writing has fallen, due to Steven Moffat not wanting to continue. I said as much in this video here

I believe now that Moffat only has one episode left, the incoming Chris Chibnall is now coming at the show with fresh eyes. He’s not stagnated, he hasn’t written an episode for Doctor Who for a while and it shows in this one minute scene. 

Disregarding the actor playing the Doctor, we have a new showrunner who will now put their spin on the show, and hopefully bring back something that has been missing. 

I feel for Peter Capaldi, as you can tell a lot of love has gone in to the character from his end, but I feel he has been wasted in the writing aspect of the show. 

I would have preferred for Capaldi to continue with a new showrunner, but for some reason, since Tennant, we’ve had the actor leaving with the showrunner. I hope this doesn’t continue. 

Anyway, I think Doctor Who as a series can only improve from now on. We have the upcoming Christmas special with David Bradley as the First Doctor, and maybe a cameo from Whittaker’s Doctor? 

I for one, can’t wait for the next series to start, after more time passes, I feel more and more positive about the decision to cast Whittaker, it’s going to be something new and special. 

Tell me what you think, I’d really like to know. 

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