Thoughts on Spider-Man Homecoming

Whilst I wile away the hours waiting for the work PC to well… work. I thought I’d write something insightful and meaningful. However, I can’t think of anything so I’m gonna run through some of the spoilery things in Spider-Man: Homecoming. 

Firstly, does anyone else think the whole Homecoming dance part felt a bit redundent. As though the title came before the story. I know it ended up playing heavily into the reveal of Adrian Tooms to Peter Parker, but still it felt like it was Marvel’s way of saying:

 “welcome home Spidey. Did they hurt you over there at Sony?”

Anyway, let’s get on, because I am aware that I’m writing this when I should be working, but hey it’s not my fault the PC isn’t available. 

Captain America’s Cameos

I absolutely loved the fact that after almost 10 years of the MCU, Marvel in all their glory have the balls to flat out troll us. After the success and quite honestly bloated credit scene seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, it took a hell of a lot of restraint to add Captain America at the end to pretty much say this wasn’t worth waiting for!

I wholly disagree as it always seems to be the case that Steve Rogers is lighter and more enjoyable, when he’s playing a parody of himself. The moments in First Avenger when he’s “Socking Hitler” and in Thor the Dark World where Loki takes on the Stars and Stripes. 

Here we see him in a series of PSA’s I think they’re called. We don’t really have them in the UK, but we know of them. The fact that Marvel used the knowledge that we fans will sit through the credits for a mere morsel of Future events and troll us show the love they have for us and their product. It was great. 

M.J’s Reveal

The final moments of the film gave us a name drop that I think most believed was coming. Zendaya’s character Michelle becomes the head of the debate team and she says: 

“Friends call my M.J”

Ok, that’s good. It’s clearly a reference, a slight redo of the character. The film introduces us to the character, makes us enjoy her whitty banter and funny quips then pulls the rug and says, she was M.J all along. 

Looking back it’s good to see her actually being the one who fancies Parker, in a switch around from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, where Parker thought M.J was an angel. 

She appears to be somewhat reclusive. Not the popular girl she was, but someone more in line with the unpopular Peter Parker. It’s good and the way she looked longingly after Parker as he left told the story. 

Adrian Tooms isn’t Such a Bad Guy

The opening of the film set in the aftermath of The Avengers showed Tooms as a working man who clearly looks out for his family. Looking at a drawing of the Avengers that his kid drew. Then being ousted by Stark. It showed him as being desperate but also a sympathetic villain. 

On the picture front. I actually thought it would be Michelle who was Tooms’ daughter as they emphasised her drawing skills. I was wrong, and instead the film lulls you in to a sense of calm. Peter’s getting his life back. He’s asked his school crush to Homecoming dance and he knocks on the door to find Tooms answering. 

The whole scene is played out well, showing Parker physically shaken with the reveal. Tooms comes across as a normal dad. That is until he discovers Peter’s identity. 

But even then, despite pulling a gun, he works on a kind of honour system that stops him from killing Parker. He says that because Spidey saved his daughter in DC, he get to go to Homecoming and show his daughter “a good time”.

This even carries over into the mid-credit scene. Tooms is approached by Scorpion, who believes Tooms knows Spidey’s identity. But, Tooms doesn’t tell. This is most likely due to Spidey saving Tooms’ life. Well, either that or he’s plotting his revenge. 

Infinity War’s Iron-Spider!

At the end of the whole ordeal, Parker is taken upstate to the Avenger’s complex, where he is presented with a new suit and the chance to be initiated into the Avengers in a press conference. 

Ultimately, he turns it down, giving us a the chance to see how much Peter has grown. He sees that his place is on the streets, fighting for the people of New York. 

But, having this scene here is a clear nod to the the Press Conference in Civil War where Peter Parker reveals his identity. However, it’s also a stark contrast  (pun intended) to the closing press conference in Iron Man. 

Both Press conferences revealed the identity of Iron Man and Spider-man and Homecoming has Spidey turning his back, opting to stay under the mask. 

It’s a nice reference that shows Parker’s future role in the MCU. 

The Next Spider-Man 

Donald Glover appears in this film as Aaron Davies who comic book fans will know as the uncle of Miles Morales. Morales becomes the next Spider-Man in the Ultimate Comic series. 

This reveal and the fact that Glover mentions his nephew says that Morales is in the MCU. The fact that Morales has been hinted at, setting up the character shows the MCU has plans for the character. 

Full theorizing node now. Peter Parker’s Spider-Man or at least Tom Holland has a five movie contract. Two films have been done, Civil War and Homecoming. There are two Infinity War films and then a Homecoming 2.

Leaving Feige has stated Spider-Man will kick off the next phase and close out the 22 Movie run from the first Iron Man film. To me this shows that we will see the departure of the old guard, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor etc. But I also believe that includes Spider-Man. 

We know after the five movies, the rights will go back to Sony and their deluded Spidey-verse. But i believe that only means Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. 

My theory is, they will set up Miles Morales, have him appear in Homecoming 2 and then kill off Peter Parker. Allowing for Sony to continue making awful films, whilst at the same time having an MCU Spider-Man. 

I may be wrong, but I reckon there is some weight behind this theory. Let me know what you think. 

Final Thoughts

On a final note, there were a couple of things I didn’t really understand. Homecoming was set eight years after the Avengers. This either means Avengers was set in 2009, which is plausible given Iron Man began in 2008. But if it was set in 2012, then Homecoming was set in 2020. 

I know it’s nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it’s just confusing. 

Also, and this isn’t a criticism of the film but of the marketing. When I saw the trailer it showed pretty much everything beat for beat, and overall it did damage the film. There was no stakes. 

I knew what was coming, I knew that once they were in DC, there would be a rescue scene. I’d seen Spidey swinging through the burbs. I’d seen Spidey hold the ferry together and Iron Man save the ferry and chastise Parker. 

I knew the end battle would be on top of a plane. They showed everything. It’s annoying that producers think we want to see the film in the trailer. We don’t. 

However, saying all this, I did enjoy the film it was good. It showed Peter Parker as a young hero, not sure of all his powers. It was great. More like that please. 

I’d give Spider-Man Homecoming an A


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