Why most Vampire plans don’t work

I’m watching the final episode of the second season of The Strain and a scene has been on where a vampire is using humans to build an abattoir for human cattle.

If you have watched the series you’ll know that the vampire’s plan is to subjugate the human race. But this is where the plan in my eyes, fails. 

Why is the ultimate plan for vampires to take over the world and have the human race live like cattle. I just don’t think a race who live solely on one food source cannot sustain themselves indefinitely. 

I can only think of one film where this played a factor. 

Daybreakers starred Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill and Willem Dafoe. Set in a world where vampires have overtaken society and keep humans in stasis as a food source, however the blood reserves are running low and there is a crisis.

As said that is the only film I know, where the master plan of world domination for the vampires is the wrong course of action. 

Having vampires as scavengers is the way to go. Picking off unsuspecting victims to either turn them or just drink them is the best course of action.

It worked in Interview with the Vampire, it worked in other things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s when one Vampire or a group of vampires decide to take over the world.

That’s why The Strain works so well. Basically it follows the arrival of one original vampire to New York. The vampires usually feed and kill their victims so not to turn them. 

The Master (antagonist in The Strain) has decided he wants control, breaking the Vampire rules. He is trying to take over the city but is opposed by humans and the original vampires. 

This is good because they know their place in the world, they believe they are above the humans but they allow them to live in ignorance. But they stay quiet.

So, if you’re a vampire just thin the herd every so often, don’t make an elaborate plan to farm the human race to extinction. 

Huh! Maybe humans should do the same. 


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