Sony’s Spider-Man Movies

Again, it has been a while, and it turns out I’m digging into the whole Sony Spider-Man stuff.

Following the reveal that Tom Hardy would be starring in a Venom movie, and Sony’s Amy Pascal stating all the Spidey movies are part of the MCU (Although look at Kevin Feige’s face).

We get word that a Kraven and Mysterio solo film are “in the works”. I just want to know, are Sony just trying to throw as much sh*t as they can at the MCU wall and see what sticks? 

I mean, yes they’re in a deal with Marvel to share Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, but they have been scrambling to make as many Spidey films with or without Spidey as they can. Are they trying to set up a ‘Spidey-Villain Universe’?

What I mean by that is, use the MCU template from Phase 1 and have a Venom, Mysterio, and Kraven solo film to build up to the Avengers-like crossover/Sinister Six movie they’ve been shouting about since the Garfield days? 

I reckon it could be a good way of doing it. You have the hero (Spider-Man). We get the origin of some of Spideys rogues and then there’s a team up battle to fight Spider-Man. 

If that’s the case it could work. If not, then like I said it’s just Sony throwing Spidey Sh*t at the Marvel wall to see what sticks.

Imagine it though. We go see an origin story for Venom. It has a Spider-Man cameo and then latches on to Tom Hardy and that leads into a Kraven or Mysterio or the Silver & Black movie. It’s one way of doing it. 

I’m not saying it’s the right way, but it is one way. 

Source: Movieweb


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