Are trailers ruining Movies?

Trailers! A big budget movie usually gets between 3 and 4 trailers before release. Some even reach 5 full trailers. They even get the odd TV spots where even more footage for the film is shown. 

But are these trailers becoming detrimental to the product they’re trying to sell? 

Let’s take a movie that hasn’t been released yet, but through the trailers we could possibly recount the story beat for beat. 

The film in talking about is Spider-Man: Homecoming. 

At first the trailer released was a standard fair, showing the characters involved, such as the new Peter Parker (Tom Holland), Tony Stark (Robert Downy Jr), and Adrian Toomes/Vulture (Michael Keaton). 

It sets up the tone and how the film will be set. It also shows where the film will be set and some of action set pieces. 

We then got a second trailer, which seemed to have Sony’s to get prints all over it. I made a YouTube video on it here

This trailer was a blatant display of either Sony showing their lack of confidence or their complete confidence in the movie. The trailer shows pretty much the entire main beats of the film. 

It shows the build up of the first act, the second act’s set piece including resolution and conflict between protagonists, and even goes on to showing the final act’s set piece. 

We even get a third trailer that has even more new footage included. However, it looks like this trailer is more akin to a second trailer as it sets up character more than revealing the story. 

These trailers have shown so much, that I can confidently say what I believe the story is. 

“Peter off the back Civil War, and with the guidance of Tony Stark, fights low level criminals at night. His friend discovers his secret, giving us scenes in the high school setting between the two discussing Peter’s powers. There’s a trip to Washington and Peter comes across a plot in which The Vulture is doing something bad. 

We get the set piece, which is too difficult for Peter to overcome, so Stark arrives and assists. Stark takes away the suit and Peter reverts back to his original suit. Returning to New York, we get The Vultures plan to destroy Tony Stark because Stark is undercutting Vulture’s livlihood. 

A plane is hijacked, which will be associated with Stark, and used to either attack Stark Tower or contains something valuable. I opt for maybe both as the plane looks to be crashing. 

Peter, wearing his original suit will be successful, leading to Stark arriving and accepting Peter has learnt his lesson. The film will end, but there will be a future Spider-Man stinger and Avengers Infinity War scene.”

These trailers have effectively ruined the film. Marvel movies usually restrain themselves to the point where you are surprised with the final product, and this leads me to believe Sony took the lead on advertising. 

There’s an image going around that portrays the marketing for this film well. It shows Stark as all characters and the title is Iron Man featuring Spider-Man. Sony are making sure everyone knows this is Sony’s Spider-Man in MARVEL. 

Batman v Superman had the reveal of Doomsday in the trailer, which ruined a reveal that could have shocked the audience. Here, Spider-Man: Homecoming has effectively released the film in a set of short 3 minute trailers leaving nothing for the final product. 

It’s sad that because of Sony’s mishandling of Spider-Man, they feel they have to show everything. 

Are trailers ruining movies? Some most definitely are. Spider-man: Homecoming, and Batman v Superman, are examples of bad trailers. We as an audience need trailers to make us want to see a movie, but we don’t need to see the whole film. 

Bring back the days of new footage being used for a trailer. My best example for this is the Psycho introduction/teaser trailer, it’s fantastic. Check it out. 

To conclude, trailers aren’t ruining movies, we will still go and see the movies we want to, but depending on who is producing the trailers and the footage used, they can be detremental to the movies and the movie industry.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is in theaters on the 7th July. But you can watch it on YouTube now in three 3 minute trailers. 


3 thoughts on “Are trailers ruining Movies?

  1. Completely agree! If a trailer is cut and edited with the appropriate footage then it can be a great way to simply tease the film. Spider-Man: Homecoming has shown A LOT of footage but hopefully there’s still a few surprises. Awesome post!

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